Lady of Leisure once again

There are no classes during summer in my program, so that means I’m spending the summer studying pharmacology and practicing NCLEX questions.  BAHAHAHA.   Just kidding.  I haven’t cracked a book since my finals.  I’ve spent the last month catching up on all the running I neglected during the school year, and hanging out poolside or beachside with the kiddos.  It has been lovely, to say the least.

The day I took my finals I got a phone call from HR at the hospital where I had just finished clinicals, inquiring whether I was still interested in the Nurse Tech position  I had half-heartedly applied for at the beginning of my clinical rotation.  I had assumed the positions were all filled since I hadn’t heard anything in six weeks.  So after finishing clinicals and taking my final, my mind was 100% set on summer when they called.

I’ve been an at-home mom, more or less, for the last ten years.  I LOVE summer.  I live for summer.  The summers in Seattle are spectacular, and I spend them trying to catch up on all that Vitamin D I miss out on the other nine months of the year.

So when the hospital called, I told them I was interested in the position, but that I could only work part-time during summer (the position is typically full-time for summer, and per diem during the school year, which is why I half-heartedly applied).  Apparently they weren’t interested in my leisurely summer schedule, because they never called me back for an interview.  I’ve alternated between disappointment and contentment with that.

I loved the hospital where I worked this quarter, and I especially loved the nurses on the unit we were assigned.  It would be fantastic experience working with them this year, and it would definitely help get a job when I graduate next June.  But I’m a mom.  My family weathered the last nine months of nursing school pretty well, but I think they’d revolt if I worked full time all summer.    We’re prepared for that to happen in another year or two, but not this summer.

One of my classmates was hired as a nurse tech at that hospital.  She starts Monday.

I am heading to the San Juan Islands for a little camping.   This is what I will be doing on Monday:

Maybe I’ll get serious about finding a job and studying pharmacology when I get back.


One response to “Lady of Leisure once again

  1. How could you get serious about anything with a beautiful photo like that?

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