A very boring update

Whenever I see another nursing student’s blog abandoned I think the worst–they must be slammed and don’t have a free minute to update.   Well guess what?   Turns out the opposite could be true.  This quarter has been slooooow for me.  Just not a whole lot going on.  We have spent minimal time on campus, and we are just starting clinicals this week.

It’s been great.  I’ve continued to get my family settled in the new house.  I’ve spent a lot of time with Thing 1 and Thing 2.   Funny guy and I have had some dates and mid-week lunches.

And I’ve gotten by with a minimal amount of studying.  Shameful, really.  I’ve studied about 4-5 hours for the last 2 exams and I got 98% on one, and 102% on the other (extra credit question).   I actually wish this quarter was more challenging because doing so well on exams I’ve hardly studied for does not do much for my motivation.

But tomorrow clinicals begin again, and as usual, my stomach is all knotted up about it.  I’m fine once we begin, but I usually have horrible anxiety leading up to it that I will really screw up in clinicals and get booted from the program.

Anyway, what are you all doing over the summer?  I opted against getting a nurse tech position because I didn’t want to work all summer.   But now I’m starting to think I should have.  It sounds like there are no jobs for new grads around here.


One response to “A very boring update

  1. I have 3 weeks off before during a summer externship in the PICU. I crave a longer break, but I guess experience is needed down where I live…new grads are finding it tough to get jobs. Blah.
    Glad you had time to spend with your family though!

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